C&M offers end-to-end graphic and image solutions for books and journals. Our graphic designers are well-accomplished in generating concept-based illustrations and images for scientific and medical documents. C&M’s graphics studio also manages the cover layout and content for a variety of journals.

We design interiors for a wide range of books in all disciplines, generate graphs and maps from raw data, handle complex mathematical or scientific illustrations, source or suggest stock images for concepts, etc. Our image editing team ensures all images are processed as per
the printer’s requirements.

We, at C&M, bring your illustrations to life.

Key Advantages

  • Process illustrations from any kind of input documents
  • Design interior layouts for high-end, multicolour books
  • Maintain the highest level of consistency and quality standards
  • Generate concept-based, science diagrams
  • Process art for both print and online versions
  • Use automated tools for multitasking
  • High-end colour scanning facility

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