C&M, with 20 years of publishing expertise, understands the needs of different types of publishers and provides tailor-made services based on their requirements. We have on our rolls a team of professionals, drawn from various publishing domains, assisted by a strong digital support team to adapt to the latest technology, to offer world-class service on any publishing project. With a keen eye for detail, we are known in the industry for our commitment and consistency in the services we offer.

I have a very high regard for the work that they do. They do an excellent job given the fact that often we have to send them projects with missing elements, major schedule demands, or other challenges.

C&M is a pleasure to work with and strive to work with me in any way needed on my various projects. Uma has been a great work partner – she usually communicates problems or questions promptly and has always striven to go the extra mile when asked. She excels at customer service.

C&M has been great about meeting deadlines, especially on some really complex Literacy projects. I really appreciate it.

Generally, I’m very happy with C&M’s work and professionalism, as we’ve all grown accustomed. Their work on complex 1, 2, and 4-color books is always impressive.

It has been a success. C&M built over a dozen sites, incorporating DRUPAL quizzing functionality for UK sites, with excellent time management on titles that require a built companion website before the IEB can be finalised

. . . a huge thank you to the developers/IT team, who worked hard to make several projects successful: emXPERT, automated email links to proofs (“eProofs”), Word Proofs, and other developments, i.e. pre-editing.

Great job, with the report that you created. I, personally, am really impressed especially with the feature of the Tasks Completed tab that allows you to find out exactly what article has numerous rounds or a long TAT.

Again, a special thanks goes to C&M’s XML team: this was the full first year within the new workflow and it is very impressive to see how you continuously publish on time, with quality increasing.

A very good year for C&M. Quality is high, turnaround times have gone down again, and C&M have invested further into technical and project-related support in many areas.

I know you’ve been burdened with many jobs due in the same timeframe, and I deeply appreciate your team’s efforts on this project. Their work with the image is top rate.

I appreciate your team’s attention to detail in addressing the complex polarity maps and PPT slides, and also your help in resizing several of the figures at the author’s request. Please extend my gratitude to your team

. . . in the end, it’s been a massive success!!! Everyone was really impressed with emXPERT. It was good to see how much you have consulted the opinion of everyone across the departments, this is the reason why we think your tool has the edge over anything else we have seen so far. Really impressive!!

Thank you for C&M’s wonderful work on my projects this year. I’ve sent your team several complex projects with custom designs and fast-track schedules, and I always marvel at C&M’s ability to produce beautiful work while meeting accelerated deadlines. I’m grateful every day for your team’s work; thank you, as always, for your help and good cheer.

Thanks again for the new Word Proof template, it’s been a massive success! This will drastically improve everyone’s work.

Thank you very much for your ‘eagle eye’ as you edited our paper. We really appreciate this kind of assistance to improve the overall quality of the paper.

I was extremely impressed by the copy editor, s/he was usually on the right track with edits, very unusual given my writing style. Please give him/her my appreciation and regards.

By the way, just wanted to let you know that QHR’s editor is very happy with the Word proofs! She used to send long lists of corrections in emails, but says that editing the Word proof directly is much easier and saves her lots of time. Thanks all.



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