Most of the authors/editors use MS Word as their favourite word processor because of its ease of use and popularity. C&M has developed a workflow named "emDOX" that uses MS Word as a pagination engine and is custom-designed only for journal production. The Word document is hosted on our cloud server where the authors/editors can edit and make corrections directly on it.

C&M successfully launched this workflow in 2014 to our existing clients, and our journal editors and authors are happy to correct their proofs on-the-fly as an additional benefit, the process has significantly reduced production time for the publishers.


  • Tool-based auto page make-up in MS Word ensures that the article is composed matching a journal style
  • Styles are pre-locked to preserve formatting and prevent loss of pagination
  • Only the client-approved editors are given control rights to approve or reject changes made by the authors
  • Font embedding takes care of font-related problems of any kind
  • Ease of navigation through hyperlinks embedded in the article
  • Complete support for foreign languages/characters
  • Easy handling of tables and math equations within the document

By the way, just wanted to let you know that QHR's editor is very happy with the Word proofs! She used to send long lists of corrections in emails, but says that editing the Word proof directly is much easier and saves her lots of time. Thanks all.

Thanks again for the new Word Proof template, it's been a massive success! This will drastically improve everyone's work.

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