Digital typesetting is C&M's core competence. Our "emPAGE" workflow is highly automated enabling the movement from concept to print in the shortest possible time frame. We deliver print/web/device-ready documents at one go! Our team structure is balanced with the right mix of experienced and tech-savvy, young resources on board.

Twenty years of expertise in the rich-media environment gives us the ability to tailor our services to the changing needs, standards, demands and devices of a digitally-responsive publishing world. We excel in turning raw content into highly engaging digital assets.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in digital typesetting gives us the ability to meet clients' deadlines with absolute efficiency. We are working with some well-known publishing houses where the turnaround time for an article is just a few hours!


  • emPAGE engine integrates XML-based workflow using all leading pagination applications
  • The automated system works well with all kinds of complex layouts
  • Auto table maker and image sizing tool enhances the efficiency of the workflow
  • In-built XML validation tool ensures quality control at all stages
  • Customized output engine that can be configured to deliver print/interactive web/device-ready documents instantly
  • Complete integration with our next-generation emXPERT— a cloud-based proofing system

Generally, I'm very happy with C&M's work and professionalism, as we've all grown accustomed. Their work on complex 1-, 2-, and 4-color books is always impressive.

C&M has been great about meeting deadlines, especially on some really complex Literacy projects. I really appreciate it.

I have a very high regard for the work that they do. They do an excellent job given the fact that often we have to send them projects with missing elements, major schedule demands, or other challenges.

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