In a multi-screen, content-implosive world, we are agile in producing publishing outcomes that are responsive, device-neutral and totally gripping. The final outcome is deeply immersive content, customized to the needs of a target community that can be easily accessed from any device of their choice. The "emELEARN" workflow integrates with our composition applications to deliver eBooks, compatible with all kinds of e-Reading devices. Be it the standard ePub or fixed-layout eBooks, we deliver to specifications.

In addition, we specialize in providing HTML5-based dynamic eBooks exactly matching the design of the print version with embedded fonts, equations, graphics, multimedia, and high levels of interactivity.

C&M's strong eLearning team professionally integrates various kinds of interactive learning objects into the publisher's content management systems. We provide full, end-to-end-services to elevate eLearning content to the next level.


  • We provide eBooks as a part of our standard delivery on all projects that we manage
  • Efficient eBook production workflow at cost-effective pricing
  • We deliver content in any eBook format—ePub/MOBI/VBK—that can be accessed on any eReader that our clients prefer, including the iPad, Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader, etc.
  • Experts in fixed layouts, HTML5-based interactive eBooks
  • Armed with XML-based auto conversion engine that exports eBooks directly from composition programs

It has been a success. C&M built over a dozen sites, incorporating DRUPAL quizzing functionality for UK sites, with excellent time management on titles that require a built companion website before the IEB can be finalised